When you decide to work with our design company, you have taken a very important step towards completing the vision you have for your project.

We specialize in all areas of design and are well educated on the needs a renovation requires. It is never to early to consult us to help you achieve the vision you have held close. In fact, by bringing our team in early, that allows us to work hand in hand with your architect, builder and sub-contractors so the final result is as you imagined. Whether your project is a face-lift, addition, new construction, furnishings, window treatments and/or decor, we know exactly how to make it happen!

Over the years, we have worked on mainly residential projects, but we have had a lot of fun working on small commercial projects on Martha’s Vineyard and a few other hotels and restaurants along the way. Having this commercial experience only enhances our knowledge and abilities.

We are professionals, but we are casual and friendly. We want to know you, your lifestyle, how you live and how you want to live. When we embark on a project together, we spend countless hours meeting (virtually and in person) as well as texting and emails. We become “BFF’s” for a while, and it’s a funny feeling when a project is complete because we miss speaking with the clients daily!

Having been professionals in the interior design world since 1996, we have a unique perspective on design. Hiring a Designer was once only thought of for some. But happily today, design is available to everyone! Whether that is a “free” design service through a furniture or window treatment retailer, or a friend down the street who has a good eye…and we applaud that! We truly believe everyone should live in a home they love! Having said that, it is important to note our design process is a bit different than what was just described…..

We have spent years cultivating relationships with certain trusted vendors in an effort to offer our clients a truly customized look. Everyone is different and your home should reflect you and your lifestyle. When we begin a design relationship, we ask every question that could be relevant. Everything from you being right handed or left handed, to how you handle mail and packages when you get home at the end of the day.

We really enjoy the process of hearing your needs and wants and then creating drawings that detail the vision for the space, incorporating the feedback we received from you. Along with the drawings, we create presentation boards which provide selections that help us arrive at the desired outcome. And lastly, we provide physical samples of wood, paint, stone, fabric etc.

There is no way to stress enough how important it is to put together a cohesive and well planned design - and to stick with it. What this means is every member of the project; designers, builders and home owners need to be on the same page. If one aspect of a design or build needs to be altered, it is important to communicate this fully and immediately. Often times one change can affect many other things. This is knowledge that only comes with experience.

Projects move along nicely when we are the agent responsible for all purchases. We provide full professional design services. Designing your dream home should be fun and not loaded with stress. We take on all of those burdens on your behalf. Our orders are placed upon approval, and each item is received at our warehouse where it is immediately unwrapped, unboxed and inspected for damages, flaws or errors. We handle any issue in-house, and most of the time, the client never needs to be made aware of any problems. We simply take care of it. That is all a part of what a professional design service is.

Once we are ready to install, we schedule a day for everything to be delivered, and we get right to work! We have professional movers, window treatment installers and artwork hangers. We have detailed plans and know exactly where to place everything. Once all items are in place, we “fluff and buff” and accessorize. We hang artwork, remove price tags and control wires and cords. When you arrive home after we have completed the installation, the best part of our job and our greatest reward is the joy and excitement on our clients faces! And often times…we see a few tears of happiness (on both sides!) and celebrate everyone’s hard work with a few toasts of bubbly!

It is a lot of fun, very rewarding and an honor to be chosen from the many talented designers out there to design a home for someone. But it is important to be sure the relationship is the best fit for both sides. We want to work with you right from the start to get the difficult things out of the way so we can focus on the fun stuff later! It is impossible to provide an accurate budget without a good design plan. Putting together a design plan is a process that can take several weeks, and we charge a design fee for this process. Once we have the design plan completed, an accurate budget can be put in place and you can confidantely move forward with your project without major surprises.

If you read through all of this and our practice and policies sound like a good fit to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: We truly look forward to hearing from you!
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